Jordan – Wadi Rum Camp

Wadi Rum Bedouins Jordan’s Wadi Rum is a unique desert experience that can’t be fully appreciated unless you stay overnight. Accommodation is not plentiful and usually means staying in a Bedouin camp. In spite of the fact that I am not a fan of camping, I can say that it was a very memorable experience. … Read more

Egypt – Daraw Camel Market

Egypt, Camel Market Owner With Stick

A camel market visit gives you insight into a unique cultural aspect of the middle east. The entire process, from the transportation and the treatment of the camels to the bargaining process and deal consolidation, is a sight to behold, but not a pretty one. Our travel coordinator located in North America, informed us that … Read more

Siwa, Egypt – An Oasis in Egypt’s Western Desert

Egypt, Siwa, Mondisti founder in desert far shot

A trip to Siwa, Egypt is an exploration into a remote Egyptian community consisting mostly of Berbers, a Muslim ethnic group. There are very few places on earth that have been as culturally and geographically isolated as Siwa. It is not an easy place to get to and staying there even for a few days … Read more

Egypt – Cairo’s Iconic Neighborhoods

Cairo, Old cairo street

There is more to Cairo than the pyramids and sphinx. There are incomparable museums and sprawling neighborhoods with a fascinating history. We visited the individual neighborhoods that make up Africa and the Middle East’s largest city. As it has stood on the banks of the Nile for 1000 years, Cairo’s neighborhoods are full of historical … Read more

Palestinian Territories

From the birthplace of Jesus to unbelievable local flavors, ancient cities and epic sites, the Palestinian Territories are captivating to visit. Whether you are fascinated by ancient biblical history or just curious about the political situation, the Palestinian Territories are not to be missed. Granted, tourism is not exactly the area’s focus and travel to … Read more

Israel Itinerary- outside of Jerusalem

Israel is a place everyone should visit at least once. Whether you are inspired by religious reasons or merely historical and archaeological ones, Israel is filled with religious and non-religious sites that are pivotal to human history. Jerusalem (see our post on Jerusalem) is a great starting point. North of Jerusalem and the areas around … Read more

Israel – Jerusalem Itinerary

Israel dome of the rock panorama

Everyone wants (and should) visit Israel at least once in their lives. If you want a religious perspective when visiting this area, you will simply hire a guide that shares in your beliefs. We wanted a secular, historical perspective, but knew it was going to be difficult for anyone who lives and works in this … Read more