Bangkok-Thailand Itinerary

Thailand is famous for its exotic beaches and ornate temples. Its capital, Bangkok has 22% of the country’s population (metropolitan area). It is the largest urban center in the country. We combined our trip to Thailand with Cambodia (see our post on Cambodia) and Viet Nam (see our post on Vietnam). Although Bangkok is filled … Read more

Cambodia – Siem Reap and Angkor Wat

Cambodia AngkorWat

The famous temples at Angkor City in Cambodia are a world treasure and are not to be missed. Other interesting places to visit in Cambodia are the small floating villages along the Mekong River and around Tonle Sap Lake. Our trip to Cambodia included the temples at both Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom as well … Read more

Vietnam – 10 day itinerary

Vietnam, Halong Bay

The Mekong Delta, Chan May/Danang and Ho Chi Minh City are the three places we would definitely recommend to a first time visitor to this wonderful country. As most of Vietnam is on water, it is a great place to see via tour boat. We decided that part of the trip would best be done … Read more

Sumba Island Horses: A riders’ paradise

Sumba horse on beach

Hands down, Sumba is the most beautiful island in Indonesia, and surprisingly, not commonly visited even though it lies just east of Bali (see our post on Bali). Those who do visit are usually surfers because of its astounding surfing scene. Sumba’s history and traditions are very different from the rest of Indonesia and together … Read more

Borneo-houseboat cruise

Borneo – houseboat or lodge The best way to see Borneo is on the water. We debated a water only tour or a combination of hotel and houseboat. In the end, we opted for the water only option as the available hotel accommodation was not that enticing. It is a bit surprising that better accommodation … Read more