Bangkok-Thailand Itinerary

Thailand is famous for its exotic beaches and ornate temples. Its capital, Bangkok has 22% of the country’s population (metropolitan area). It is the largest urban center in the country. We combined our trip to Thailand with Cambodia (see our post on Cambodia) and Viet Nam (see our post on Vietnam). Although Bangkok is filled … Read more

China – 5 day itinerary

China great wall

China is a huge country and a five day itinerary is far too limited. Nevertheless, this post discusses our abridged China trip. With only five days, we managed to visit the Great Wall of China as a day trip from Beijing, Tiananmen Square, the Beijing night market and various Beijing neighborhoods. Beijing, China Beijing is … Read more

Hong Kong itinerary – neighborhoods

HongKong street scene

Hong Kong has a very unique history and location, a visit to Hong Kong is a captivating experience. We concentrated on the various neighborhoods making up the cities of Hong Kong and Kowloon. Hong Kong was a British colony from 1841 to 1997. As a result, most of the political and administrative bodies established in … Read more

Japan – 7 day itinerary

Japan travel is a mixture of ultra-modern skyscrapers and ancient temples, with gorgeous public gardens, crowded streets and a multi faceted people that are reserved but friendly. We visited Tokyo and its famous Meiji Shrine as well as the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden and Mt Fuji. We also visited the Kamakura/Shonan area, home of the … Read more

Cambodia – Siem Reap and Angkor Wat

Cambodia AngkorWat

The famous temples at Angkor City in Cambodia are a world treasure and are not to be missed. Other interesting places to visit in Cambodia are the small floating villages along the Mekong River and around Tonle Sap Lake. Our trip to Cambodia included the temples at both Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom as well … Read more

Vietnam – 10 day itinerary

Vietnam, Halong Bay

The Mekong Delta, Chan May/Danang and Ho Chi Minh City are the three places we would definitely recommend to a first time visitor to this wonderful country. As most of Vietnam is on water, it is a great place to see via tour boat. We decided that part of the trip would best be done … Read more

Sumba Island Horses: A riders’ paradise

Sumba horse on beach

Hands down, Sumba is the most beautiful island in Indonesia, and surprisingly, not commonly visited even though it lies just east of Bali (see our post on Bali). Those who do visit are usually surfers because of its astounding surfing scene. Sumba’s history and traditions are very different from the rest of Indonesia and together … Read more

Safari in India: The Big Five plus One

India Safari - Tiger

India’s Bengal tiger is an endangered species and to see one in the wild is a thrilling experience. The two main parks for tiger spotting, Kanha and Bandhavgarh have the added attraction of having tiny villages around them where you can explore the culture of the Indian countryside. It is a safari like no other. … Read more

Mumbai – Best Places to Visit

India, Mumbai waterfront

In Mumbai, we wanted to explore the more organic aspects of the city, as we did in Kolkata (see our post on Kolkata) in order to absorb everyday life in the streets and neighborhoods. The city’s most iconic neighborhood landmarks include the Sassoon Fish Market, the Mumbai Dabbawalas (lunch delivery system) and the Dhobi Ghat … Read more

India – Khajuraho’s Magnificent Temples

India, Khajuraho sculptures

The city of Khajuraho offers a unique experience. The 25 temples are all built in close proximity to one another, with diverging styles and themes that give you an immediate snapshot of Indian religions and architectural styles throughout the ages, making it an inspiring experience. The city itself is very different from most Indian cities, … Read more

India – the Golden Triangle – Delhi and Agra

Our first visit to India a number of years ago included the cities of Delhi and Agra. Jaipur is the third stop on the most recommended tour of north India called the golden triangle. This is the tour that includes the iconic Taj Mahal (Agra). After hearing its praises for so long, I was expecting … Read more

Calcutta (Kolkata) – Exploring the City of Joy

Kolkata (Calcutta), iconic rickshaw driver

Kolkata (Calcutta) is not on most people’s bucket list but it should be. It is one of the most interesting cities in India. It is a colorful, vibrant city that is on its way to regeneration. The perception of Kolkata for those who have not yet visited the city, is a place with overpopulation, extreme … Read more

Varanasi – A Giant Step Back in Time

India, Varanasi

Varanasi is one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities. It has been known by many names, including the City of Light, a name derived from Kāśī (Sanskrit: “to shine”). This name survived since its first appearing in texts around 1,000 B.C., and refers to spiritual illumination. The 3,000 year old name Kashi is still … Read more

Nepal Safari – in search of the Elusive Tiger

A safari experience in Nepal (Chitwan or Bardia) is very different than India (see our post on Indian safaris). Many travelers want to know which country to visit if they want to see tigers, India or Nepal. Nepal is a very special place and Kathmandu is unlike any other city on earth, so a trip … Read more

Turkey – Cappadocia – Goreme National Park

Cappadocia in central Turkey is one of the world’s most unique travel destinations. To visit Turkey and not visit Cappadocia means missing out on a huge part of the country’s history. Granted, it is far from Istanbul and the coast, but it so pivotal to understanding the country that it is worth the effort of … Read more

Turkey- Ephesus and Didyma

Turkey, Ephesus, Didyma, Apollo

Whether you are an ancient history buff or merely want to understand Turkey’s historical diversity, a visit to Ephesus (and Didyma) is a must. Turkey’s history extends back thousands of years and the cities of Ephesus and Didyma provide a continuous archaeological journey through time. The drive from Istanbul to Ephesus is memorable. Ephesus Ephesus … Read more

Turkey – Istanbul – a Byzantine treasure

There are a handful of cities in the world that are iconic symbols of world history. Istanbul is one of them. With a total population of around fifteen million residents in its metropolitan area, Istanbul is the world’s fifteenth largest city and the largest city in Continental Europe. It is also Turkey’s commercial and historic center. It is an exciting, … Read more

Sadhus: Fact and Fiction of Holy Men of Varanasi and Kathmandu

In holy cities like Varanasi and Kathmandu, some holy men (Sādhus) are quite conspicuous because of their eccentric appearance, which symbolizes their ascetic status and their renunciation of material desires (sannyāsa). This post sheds some light on why some ascetics dress and act the way they do, and dispels some myths about some of their … Read more

Borneo-houseboat cruise

Borneo – houseboat or lodge The best way to see Borneo is on the water. We debated a water only tour or a combination of hotel and houseboat. In the end, we opted for the water only option as the available hotel accommodation was not that enticing. It is a bit surprising that better accommodation … Read more

Bhutan’s Tiger’s Nest (Taktsang Palphug Monastery)

Paro’s biggest attraction is the sacred Buddhist monastery called Tigers Nest. It is situated at 10,000 feet up on a vertical rock face overlooking the valley. A trip to Tiger’s Nest should be part of an overall itinerary that includes all of Bhutan (see our post on Bhutan). The monastery complex was built in 1692, … Read more

Bhutan-Exporter of ‘Gross National Happiness’

Bhutan travel is very unique. It is situated on the ancient Silk Road between Tibet, the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. Surrounded by the Himalayas, it offers dramatic landscapes and some of the world’s most exotic trekking and hiking, like the month-long Snowman Trek, or the half-day Tiger’s Nest hike (see our post on Tiger’s … Read more

7 days in Bali

The Island of Enchantment Bali is both an island and a province in Indonesia, a country with 17,500 other islands. It is the only Hindu majority province, in the otherwise muslim majority Indonesia. Islamic fundamentalists blew up two nightclubs in 2002 in the tourist hub of Kuta, but everything seems controlled now on that front. … Read more