Siwa, Egypt – An Oasis in Egypt’s Western Desert

Egypt, Siwa, Mondisti founder in desert far shot

A trip to Siwa, Egypt is an exploration into a remote Egyptian community consisting mostly of Berbers, a Muslim ethnic group. There are very few places on earth that have been as culturally and geographically isolated as Siwa. It is not an easy place to get to and staying there even for a few days … Read more

Jordan – Petra – the”Rose City”

Jordan, Petra Treasury

Jordan’s Petra should be on everyone’s bucket list of must see places. When visiting Petra, Little Petra and Aaron’s Tomb should be added to the itinerary. When visiting this area, it is recommended that you visit Jordan’s other distinguished sites (see our post). Jordan is is one of the most progressive states in the middle … Read more

Jordan – Kerak Castle and a Baptism Site.

Jordan, Cover landscape

Jordan has a famed crusader castle (Kerak Castle) and the famous Christian site of the Baptism of Jesus (Bethany beyond the Jordan). It is also home to Petra (see post on Petra) and one of the world’s most beautiful deserts (see post on Wadi Rum). It is is one of the most progressive states in … Read more

Morocco and Tunisia travel – More than Sand Dunes

Morocco and Tunisia tempt the imagination with mysterious caravans, expansive deserts and romantic getaways. Our trip to Morocco included the cities of Marrakesh, Casablanca, Fez and the Atlas Mountains. In Tunisia we visited the cities of Carthage and Tunis. Like Egypt (see our post on Egypt), this area is rich in ancient history. The Sahara … Read more

Safety and Other Tips for your Trip to Africa

Zambia-FeaturedImage SafetyTimps

In this post, we share a few safety and general travel tips for your visit to Africa, with an emphasis on Safari related travel. Our travel notes on Egypt and North Africa are described in other posts. We’ve been to Africa only a half dozen times, so obviously we aren’t Africanophiles, and have no African … Read more