7 Tips for Viewing Serengeti Migration River Crossings

Each year, over a million wildebeest and zebras crisscross the Mara river in the northern Serengeti (Tanzania) as they migrate in search of fresh grazing land. Depending on the rains each year, these river crossings can start as early as June as herds move north, and end around November as the majority of migrating animals … Read more

Gorilla Safaris in Uganda: Permits, Parks, and Packing

Our visit to Uganda was during Covid, which made everything just a little more problematic, but it was still a very enjoyable wildlife adventure trekking into the impenetrable forest of Bwindi to view the mountain gorillas. This trip in particular needs advance planning, which we detail below. Picking a Park for a Gorilla Trek There … Read more

Siwa, Egypt – An Oasis in Egypt’s Western Desert

Egypt, Siwa, Mondisti founder in desert far shot

A trip to Siwa, Egypt is an exploration into a remote Egyptian community consisting mostly of Berbers, a Muslim ethnic group. There are very few places on earth that have been as culturally and geographically isolated as Siwa. It is not an easy place to get to and staying there even for a few days … Read more

7 Unusual Things to do in Cape Town | A Local’s Guide

We all know about the popular Cape Town activities, like a hike up Table Mountain and a trip to Robben Island. And while these are fantastic things to do, and no doubt worthwhile, there are some incredible alternatives. After all, Cape Town is a phenomenally beautiful, diverse place with a lot more to offer than … Read more

Zimbabwe – Safaris – On the banks of the Great Zambezi

Zimbabwe Mana Pools

Zimbabwe’s has some great safari destinations, including he Hwange National Park and the Mana Pools National Park, and we recommend combining your Zimbabwe visit with a safari in Zambia (see our blog), South Africa (see our blog) or Botswana (see our blog). Despite Zimbabwe’s political and economic instability, which has dominated western news in recent … Read more

Jordan – Petra – the”Rose City”

Jordan, Petra Treasury

Jordan’s Petra should be on everyone’s bucket list of must see places. When visiting Petra, Little Petra and Aaron’s Tomb should be added to the itinerary. When visiting this area, it is recommended that you visit Jordan’s other distinguished sites (see our post). Jordan is is one of the most progressive states in the middle … Read more

Avoiding Crowds on a Serengeti-Mara Safari

The great wildebeest migration spectacle is unlike other safaris because of the huge numbers of animals, but sometimes it seems the tourists outnumber the animals. Visitor estimates during the 2018 peak season in the small area called the Maasai Mara range from 2,500 to 8,000 per day. This post describes some avoidance tips we picked … Read more

How Weather Affects the Serengeti-Mara Migration

The Maasai Mara National Reserve and the Serengeti National Park are part of the same continuous ecosystem, which extends from southern Kenya into northern Tanzania. The ecosystem has 2 or 3 seasons depending on who you ask. The confusion lies in the fact that its rainy season is divided into a short rains season and … Read more

Jordan – Kerak Castle and a Baptism Site.

Jordan, Cover landscape

Jordan has a famed crusader castle (Kerak Castle) and the famous Christian site of the Baptism of Jesus (Bethany beyond the Jordan). It is also home to Petra (see post on Petra) and one of the world’s most beautiful deserts (see post on Wadi Rum). It is is one of the most progressive states in … Read more

The Serengeti-Mara Great Migration

The holy grail of African safaris is the great wildebeest migration that takes place each year in the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem of Tanzania and Kenya. This post describes some of what we learned while researching and what we experienced while on safari in the Serengeti (see our post) and the Mara (see our post). The Serengeti-Mara … Read more

South Africa – The big five in four days

For those Mondisti looking to experience the ‘Big Five‘ in the least amount of time, South Africa should be at the top of your list. See our posts on Botwana, Zimbabwe, and Zambia for nearby destinations, but in terms of Big Five sightings, a better comparison would be Kenya and Tanzania. The so-called Big Five … Read more

Morocco and Tunisia travel – More than Sand Dunes

Morocco and Tunisia tempt the imagination with mysterious caravans, expansive deserts and romantic getaways. Our trip to Morocco included the cities of Marrakesh, Casablanca, Fez and the Atlas Mountains. In Tunisia we visited the cities of Carthage and Tunis. Like Egypt (see our post on Egypt), this area is rich in ancient history. The Sahara … Read more

Nairobi, Kenya – East Africa’s Safari Capital

Is Nairobi worth exploring, or is it just a mere stopover on your trip into or out of the wilderness? Nairobi is definitely worth exploring, as it is the cultural and culinary hub of Kenya. Kenya’s main tourism attractions are safari tours, and sun—sea—sand resorts on its coast, and many tourists combine both in a … Read more

Safety and Other Tips for your Trip to Africa

Zambia-FeaturedImage SafetyTimps

In this post, we share a few safety and general travel tips for your visit to Africa, with an emphasis on Safari related travel. Our travel notes on Egypt and North Africa are described in other posts. We’ve been to Africa only a half dozen times, so obviously we aren’t Africanophiles, and have no African … Read more

Zambia – Safaris – five takeaways


Many tourists only associate Zambia with Victoria Falls, and that’s exactly what makes Zambia safaris so attractive, there are no crowds! In this post we describe the three main safari destinations we visited in Zambia: the Lower Zambezi National Park, Kafue National Park and the South Luangua National Park.  (click here to read our post … Read more

Planning Your First African Safari Vacation [2020]


What are the variables that go into planning an amazing safari vacation, and how to choose from all the possible safari options? Time and Budget Your Budget for an African safari vacation is driven by 2 main variables: the type of lodging and the duration of your vacation. At the low end, you can rent … Read more

Botswana Safaris – The Gem of Africa

Botswana is known as the Gem of Africa because it is the world’s top diamond producer (by value of diamonds; Russia is the top producer by volume). Botswana is also a gem for safari enthusiasts, because of its 3 varied safari areas: the Okavango Delta, the vast Kalahari Desert and salt pans, and the Chobe … Read more

Kenya or Tanzania – which to choose for a safari?

Many tourists want to know the differences between Kenya and Tanzania when planning their safari vacation in Africa. The glib advice is “choose both countries” but if time or cost constraints force you to choose between these two countries, this post describes some of their key safari-related differences, based on our experience. There are many … Read more