Mondisti – a neologism

/’món-do/ refers to the world and the human collective (with a nod to the 60’s shockumentary Mondo Cane)

(plural suffix) denotes performers, specialists, advocates


refers to the world and the human collective (with a nod to the 60’s shockumentary Mondo Cane)


+ (plural) suffix denotes performers, specialists and advocates.

From the editor…

Lucie is a semi-retired CPA, an award winning photographer and founder of This website is Lucie’s response to frequent requests from friends and fellow travelers urging Lucie to create a more elaborately curated travel journal than what was possible with her frequent Facebook posts, and it serves as a repository for photos, travel notes and tips collected by her and like-minded Mondisti.

Lucie currently shoots with a Sony A1. Some of her recent photo awards include: S4C 56th Annual Exhibition 2022 (PSA Gold, Best of Show, Judge’s Choice Award); RGB 2022 Exhibition (FIAP Silver); WPAI Circuit 2023 (PSA Gold); Candid Capture Exhibition 2023 (Salon Gold, Salon Chair’s Choice); New Image International Circuit 2022 (PSA Gold, WPAI Gold, NIC Gold), Boulevard Circuit 2022 (Jury Choice, PSA Gold, Salon Gold); Illumina International 2022 (PSA Gold); Lens Queen International Exhibition 2022 (Judges Choice Award); Photo Narrative Exhibition 2022 (Judge’s Choice Award), SAM Circuit Exhibition 2022 (PSA Gold, Best of Animal, WPAI Gold); Lens and The World Exhibition 2022 (Club Gold); Creative Art Art Circuit 2022 (PSA Gold, Judges Choice Award)… Some of the medal winners are posted in the photo gallery here.

Lucie’s love of world travel was fostered at an early age; by the time she was 10 years old she’d already lived in Italy, England and enjoyed a transatlantic sea voyage to the Americas, where she now lives. Long ago, she honed the art of traveling with carry-on luggage only, including multiple RTW trips with her camera gear.

Yes, is yet another addition to the crowded travel blog-o-sphere, with thousands of other excellent  and helpful travel sites. Hopefully you will find here some insights, tips and stories that will seriously move you to enjoy a part of our planet you’ve always wanted to visit. What you won’t find here are travel stories masquerading as click-bait trying to sell you T-shirts or travel insurance.

We’ve been trekking for decades, and we hope we never get there… If you have unusual stories or travel advice that you’d like to share with other Mondisti, we’d love to hear from you.

F. J. St-Pierre, Editor-at-large